The Greatest Story Ever Told: Part I & II

Part One: Jesus and the Jews

How did Jesus relate to Israel and the Old Covenant? Did this have something to do with the Jews’ negative reaction to Him? The Jews are responsible for His Death, right?

Before explaining and addressing Christ’s Passion and Death, the Catechism pauses to consider Christ’s relationship with the Jews and the Old Covenant. This offers important context when trying to understand the reaction of those who witnessed Jesus’s life and still chose to crucify Him.

The Catechism has some tough love for us in this section, so prepare yourselves then click “play”!

Part Two: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

This is the second part of our two-video deep dive into the pages of the Catechism that discuss Christ’s Death, Burial, Descent into Hell, and Resurrection.

In this video, I share the amazing love of Christ for all people why this is the “greatest story ever told”. I also review neat teachings from the Catechism about Christ’s physical death, His ushering of the faithful dead into Heaven, and the unseen, actual moment of His Resurrection.

I got choked up filming this video, it is just such an overwhelming love our God has for us! I hope this message from the Catechism and the Catholic Church blesses you as much as it has blessed and comforted me.

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May God bless you, and to Him be the Glory!

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