No Quick Fixes in Physical or Spiritual Healing

You can also watch this video on Rumble here. This is a casual chat about the importance of addressing the underlying causes keeping you sick, both physically and spiritually. In this video, I share a little more about some of the struggles I’ve overcome and some of the struggles we all face and put offContinue reading “No Quick Fixes in Physical or Spiritual Healing”

On Running Races with Thorns

A post from a few years ago, which pairs well with yesterday’s post. Some things take years to learn. Thanks be to God for His bountiful mercy and endless patience! “So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses…” My goal has always been to accomplish great things for the Lord– a goodContinue reading “On Running Races with Thorns”

Your Sign to Ask for Help (Don’t Let the Devil Keep You Isolated)

“The Devil tries to isolate people.” My husband used to tell me this when we were dating, because I have a bad habit of pulling away when I am stressed or worried. I thought I was doing it to protect the people around me from myself in those moments and to create the space IContinue reading “Your Sign to Ask for Help (Don’t Let the Devil Keep You Isolated)”

27 Things I’m Grateful For (and a Litany for the Suffering)

Yesterday, I was in agony as a horrible migraine followed me from the night before throughout the day. After I was unable to keep any painkillers down, I was filled with that all-too-familiar sense of fear and dread: what if I feel like this for days? What if the migraine never goes away? How willContinue reading “27 Things I’m Grateful For (and a Litany for the Suffering)”

Learning to Die, So He Can Remake Us

“See Mother, I make all things new.” He uttered these words in the middle of the greatest pain (read more in yesterday’s post). In that moment, covered in His own precious blood, with the world hating Him, spitting on Him, killing Him, He was making all things new. And only three days later, the greatestContinue reading “Learning to Die, So He Can Remake Us”

Open, Present, and Awake

IG Recap: August 13th and August 6th Christ Chooses to Move Among Us An open tabernacle. An open tomb. Christ comes out to us. He doesn’t withdraw to Heaven. He doesn’t forsake us. He keeps leaving behind closed spaces to enter into our worlds, our hearts, our lives. But we have to roll away theContinue reading “Open, Present, and Awake”

Fighting Temptation While Healing, Together

IG recap: August 12th and August 3rd The Devil Will Try to Distract You Just popping into your feed with a reminder that the Devil can and will use every resource within his means to keep you from changing your behavior. If you are trying to grow in purity, the impure temptations around you willContinue reading “Fighting Temptation While Healing, Together”

Slowing Down and Trusting

IG recap: August 2nd and August 9th Understanding “Slowing Down” Slowing down. Only now, after years of being told this, then being forced to do it, all the while resisting at every turn, am I understanding what that means. I’ve been my own guinea pig for many years now, always trying new things and measuringContinue reading “Slowing Down and Trusting”

Man, the Fall, and Titles for Jesus: FREE Resource Guide!

This post is packed with resources! Last week we discussed Man, the Fall, and Titles for Jesus. Here are resources to take you beyond the videos for more information. Below is your FREE Resource Guide for last week’s section of the Catechism! At the top of this post is an excerpt from the deep diveContinue reading “Man, the Fall, and Titles for Jesus: FREE Resource Guide!”

How Can Suffering Exist In a Good World, Created by an Almighty God?

Three Persons in one God? A good and almighty Father, but a world torn by pain, evil, and suffering? Creation out of nothing? An unseen world? These are all essential teachings of our Faith, but all require God’s assistance to understand. In this video, we dive deeper into these topics and what the Church saysContinue reading “How Can Suffering Exist In a Good World, Created by an Almighty God?”