How Can Suffering Exist In a Good World, Created by an Almighty God?

Three Persons in one God? A good and almighty Father, but a world torn by pain, evil, and suffering? Creation out of nothing? An unseen world? These are all essential teachings of our Faith, but all require God’s assistance to understand. In this video, we dive deeper into these topics and what the Church saysContinue reading “How Can Suffering Exist In a Good World, Created by an Almighty God?”

The Trinity and Divine Providence

Welcome back to the More Than Ordinary Catechism Read-through! Blog readers, I apologize for falling behind last week. Here is an updated schedule for content coming your way over the next few days: Friday: Share the extended video for the week here (the video will be available on YouTube later today) and the link toContinue reading “The Trinity and Divine Providence”

Only Christians Go to Heaven?

This was intended as the “In Brief” video for this week, but since I addressed important topics that ran long, the pairing video will be the short one. In today’s later video, I will simply review in-depth sections not included in this video from the remaining pages. Throughout the remainder of the week, I willContinue reading “Only Christians Go to Heaven?”

God’s Existence and the Divine Revelation Debate

Special Note for Blog Readers: This post is simply to share that this week’s videos are live on YouTube! Throughout the remainder of the week, I will be writing about points from this section that were not included in the video and sharing additional resources. Here’s what you can expect this week on the blog:Continue reading “God’s Existence and the Divine Revelation Debate”