On Running Races with Thorns

A post from a few years ago, which pairs well with yesterday’s post. Some things take years to learn. Thanks be to God for His bountiful mercy and endless patience! “So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses…” My goal has always been to accomplish great things for the Lord– a goodContinue reading “On Running Races with Thorns”

Our Suffering: the Shadow of His Hand

IG Recap: August 9th and 10th The Shadow Cast by His Hand “Is my gloom, after all,Shade of His hand, outstretched caressingly?” After meditating, I followed an urge to read The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson. The poem is compelling and beautiful, even if some of the theological points made near its conclusion areContinue reading “Our Suffering: the Shadow of His Hand”

Learning to Die, So He Can Remake Us

“See Mother, I make all things new.” He uttered these words in the middle of the greatest pain (read more in yesterday’s post). In that moment, covered in His own precious blood, with the world hating Him, spitting on Him, killing Him, He was making all things new. And only three days later, the greatestContinue reading “Learning to Die, So He Can Remake Us”

Open, Present, and Awake

IG Recap: August 13th and August 6th Christ Chooses to Move Among Us An open tabernacle. An open tomb. Christ comes out to us. He doesn’t withdraw to Heaven. He doesn’t forsake us. He keeps leaving behind closed spaces to enter into our worlds, our hearts, our lives. But we have to roll away theContinue reading “Open, Present, and Awake”

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Part I & II

Part One: Jesus and the Jews How did Jesus relate to Israel and the Old Covenant? Did this have something to do with the Jews’ negative reaction to Him? The Jews are responsible for His Death, right? Before explaining and addressing Christ’s Passion and Death, the Catechism pauses to consider Christ’s relationship with the JewsContinue reading “The Greatest Story Ever Told: Part I & II”

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A Quick Discussion of Christ’s Death and Resurrection

Hello Friends! This is a brief post to share that the “In Brief” video for the week is live! This week we discussed Christ’s relationship with the Jews, His Death, Burial, Descent into Hell, Resurrection, and Ascension into Heaven. This is a very quick look at those topics! The deep dive will be two partsContinue reading “A Quick Discussion of Christ’s Death and Resurrection”

Man as Body and Soul, THE Original Sin, and the Promise of Jesus

Scroll down for an outline of the topics covered in this video. The Supplemental Resource Guide for this week is coming this weekend, so be sure to sign up for blog notifications to be reminded when it is available for download! Topics Covered in this Video: 0:44: Where to Download the FREE Catechism Reading GuideContinue reading “Man as Body and Soul, THE Original Sin, and the Promise of Jesus”

If Father’s Day is Hard for You…

If Father’s Day is hard for you, either because you did not have a loving father or because your father has passed away, God is here for you. Listen to the Catechism’s beautiful passage about how God’s identity as Father surpasses any human relationship. CCC 239: By calling God “Father”, the language of faith indicatesContinue reading “If Father’s Day is Hard for You…”

Setting the Tone for Studying the Catechism

In this first week of our Catechism Read-through, the Apostolic Constitution and Prologue establish the spirit in which we are to read and approach the Catechism. Does the Catechism Help us Correct Each Other? The Catechism is an ideal reference point to learn what the Church teaches and better explain her teachings in conversation. But,Continue reading “Setting the Tone for Studying the Catechism”