The Trinity and Divine Providence

Welcome back to the More Than Ordinary Catechism Read-through! Blog readers, I apologize for falling behind last week. Here is an updated schedule for content coming your way over the next few days: Friday: Share the extended video for the week here (the video will be available on YouTube later today) and the link toContinue reading “The Trinity and Divine Providence”

Characteristics of Faith and God: A Quick Overview

This is the (delayed) companion video for last week’s review of Part One, Section One, Chapter 3 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We also start into Section Two with the very beginning of the Creed. In this video I do a quick review of the additional topics covered within that section of theContinue reading “Characteristics of Faith and God: A Quick Overview”

Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church may not seem like a priority in these crazy times.  Keeping up with breaking news and its impact on our family lives is a full-time job!  Besides, the long season of Ordinary Time feels like a spiritual vacation.  It is scattered with solemnities, but not as intense as the seasons onContinue reading “Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism”