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Overwhelmed by the confusion between Catholics about Church teachings? Intimidated by the Catechism and not sure where to look for answers?

I can help with that.

Join me and other Catholics as we journey through the Catechism this Ordinary Time! I will be breaking the Catechism down into bite-size pieces and making it more accessible. In as little as ten minutes a week, you will learn more about your Faith and what the Church actually teaches about issues such as the sanctity of life, the morality of birth control, the problem of evil, and the importance of all the “rules”.

Don’t feel hurt and confused when the next breaking news story airs. Learn the Faith, so the next time you will be able to hear the babble and stand secure in the Truth.

Give yourself peace of mind, find support in your Catholic identity, and be prepared to have intelligent conversations with family and peers about the Church.

Join us in our More Than Ordinary Read-through the Catechism this summer! Join my Patreon community to dive even deeper into your Faith this Ordinary Time! You can also join the email list for blog updates: