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Welcome to A Catholic’s Perspective! Whether you’re here from Instagram, Facebook, or another platform, I am grateful you stopped by to learn more about the Catholic Faith. Use the links below to find my recent projects and blog posts. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to sign up for email notifications about new posts!

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Sacraments of Healing

The two part series on the Sacraments of Healing is here! The Sacraments of Healing help support us spiritually and physically on our road to Heaven. In the video on the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, I shared some of my personal experience with this sacrament and how it blessed a very difficult timeContinue reading “Sacraments of Healing”

Sacraments of Initiation

Welcome back after an unplanned hiatus! For this section of the Catechism, I split it up into individual videos about each sacrament. Once we finish the sacraments, we will return to a video a week for the assigned section. Below are the three videos about the Sacraments of Initiation: I thank you for your patienceContinue reading “Sacraments of Initiation”

The Resurrection of the Dead and Life Everlasting: The End of Part I

Welcome back to the More Than Ordinary Catechism Read-through, friends! Today we finish Part I: The Profession of Faith! We have read almost 300 pages in our big green edition. In these final articles, we discussed the Resurrection of the Dead and Life Everlasting. This includes: -Why our bodies will join our souls at theContinue reading “The Resurrection of the Dead and Life Everlasting: The End of Part I”


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