On Running Races with Thorns

A post from a few years ago, which pairs well with yesterday’s post. Some things take years to learn. Thanks be to God for His bountiful mercy and endless patience! “So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses…” My goal has always been to accomplish great things for the Lord– a goodContinue reading “On Running Races with Thorns”

Your Sign to Ask for Help (Don’t Let the Devil Keep You Isolated)

“The Devil tries to isolate people.” My husband used to tell me this when we were dating, because I have a bad habit of pulling away when I am stressed or worried. I thought I was doing it to protect the people around me from myself in those moments and to create the space IContinue reading “Your Sign to Ask for Help (Don’t Let the Devil Keep You Isolated)”

Do You Want the Life God Designed for You?

A little motivation for your Monday A bigger life is waiting for you, right past the breakers. Go out to the beach in the morning and you’ll watch the surfers paddle through wave after crashing wave, just so they can go sit in calm water. It seems counterintuitive: going through so much work to battleContinue reading “Do You Want the Life God Designed for You?”

Fighting Temptation While Healing, Together

IG recap: August 12th and August 3rd The Devil Will Try to Distract You Just popping into your feed with a reminder that the Devil can and will use every resource within his means to keep you from changing your behavior. If you are trying to grow in purity, the impure temptations around you willContinue reading “Fighting Temptation While Healing, Together”

Slowing Down and Trusting

IG recap: August 2nd and August 9th Understanding “Slowing Down” Slowing down. Only now, after years of being told this, then being forced to do it, all the while resisting at every turn, am I understanding what that means. I’ve been my own guinea pig for many years now, always trying new things and measuringContinue reading “Slowing Down and Trusting”