Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church may not seem like a priority in these crazy times.  Keeping up with breaking news and its impact on our family lives is a full-time job!  Besides, the long season of Ordinary Time feels like a spiritual vacation.  It is scattered with solemnities, but not as intense as the seasons onContinue reading “Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism”

Fresh Approaches to Catholic Prayer Practices

In this month’s contribution for Catholic Stand, I shared how trying different versions of classic prayer practices can be an easy way to give your spiritual life a boost this Lent. If reading the Catechism has you hungry for more, you can read the original post here: https://catholicstand.com/fresh-approaches-to-classic-prayer-practices/

NFP Cultivated Our Trust in God

In a piece last year for Catholic collaborative blog, Catholic Stand, I shared a little about my husband’s and my journey with NFP.  We started our marriage avoiding pregnancy, against our hopes to be open from the start.  Continued health struggles meant continuing this avoidance, but God’s will prevailed when we offered up our sufferingsContinue reading “NFP Cultivated Our Trust in God”