The Incarnation, Conception, and Life of Jesus

Welcome back to the More Than Ordinary Catechism Read-through, friends! Thank you for your patience in waiting for these important videos. We covered topics of foundational importance to Christianity (The Incarnation) and Catholicism (Mary’s Perpetual Virginity). We also looked at Christ’s private and public life, up to the beginning of Holy Week. Below you willContinue reading “The Incarnation, Conception, and Life of Jesus”

Man, the Fall, and Titles for Jesus: FREE Resource Guide!

This post is packed with resources! Last week we discussed Man, the Fall, and Titles for Jesus. Here are resources to take you beyond the videos for more information. Below is your FREE Resource Guide for last week’s section of the Catechism! At the top of this post is an excerpt from the deep diveContinue reading “Man, the Fall, and Titles for Jesus: FREE Resource Guide!”

Man as Body and Soul, THE Original Sin, and the Promise of Jesus

Scroll down for an outline of the topics covered in this video. The Supplemental Resource Guide for this week is coming this weekend, so be sure to sign up for blog notifications to be reminded when it is available for download! Topics Covered in this Video: 0:44: Where to Download the FREE Catechism Reading GuideContinue reading “Man as Body and Soul, THE Original Sin, and the Promise of Jesus”

Man’s Place in Creation, Original Sin, and Titles for Jesus

In this week’s “In Brief” video, we go on a brief walk (figuratively and literally!) through the Creation of Man, The Fall and Original Sin, and Titles for Jesus and what they mean. This continues our journey through the Creed. This week, we discussed these lines from the Apostles’ Creed: [I believe in God theContinue reading “Man’s Place in Creation, Original Sin, and Titles for Jesus”

If Father’s Day is Hard for You…

If Father’s Day is hard for you, either because you did not have a loving father or because your father has passed away, God is here for you. Listen to the Catechism’s beautiful passage about how God’s identity as Father surpasses any human relationship. CCC 239: By calling God “Father”, the language of faith indicatesContinue reading “If Father’s Day is Hard for You…”

How Can Suffering Exist In a Good World, Created by an Almighty God?

Three Persons in one God? A good and almighty Father, but a world torn by pain, evil, and suffering? Creation out of nothing? An unseen world? These are all essential teachings of our Faith, but all require God’s assistance to understand. In this video, we dive deeper into these topics and what the Church saysContinue reading “How Can Suffering Exist In a Good World, Created by an Almighty God?”

The Trinity and Divine Providence

Welcome back to the More Than Ordinary Catechism Read-through! Blog readers, I apologize for falling behind last week. Here is an updated schedule for content coming your way over the next few days: Friday: Share the extended video for the week here (the video will be available on YouTube later today) and the link toContinue reading “The Trinity and Divine Providence”

Characteristics of Faith and God: A Quick Overview

This is the (delayed) companion video for last week’s review of Part One, Section One, Chapter 3 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We also start into Section Two with the very beginning of the Creed. In this video I do a quick review of the additional topics covered within that section of theContinue reading “Characteristics of Faith and God: A Quick Overview”

Only Christians Go to Heaven?

This was intended as the “In Brief” video for this week, but since I addressed important topics that ran long, the pairing video will be the short one. In today’s later video, I will simply review in-depth sections not included in this video from the remaining pages. Throughout the remainder of the week, I willContinue reading “Only Christians Go to Heaven?”

Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church may not seem like a priority in these crazy times.  Keeping up with breaking news and its impact on our family lives is a full-time job!  Besides, the long season of Ordinary Time feels like a spiritual vacation.  It is scattered with solemnities, but not as intense as the seasons onContinue reading “Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism”