Learning to Die, So He Can Remake Us

“See Mother, I make all things new.” He uttered these words in the middle of the greatest pain (read more in yesterday’s post). In that moment, covered in His own precious blood, with the world hating Him, spitting on Him, killing Him, He was making all things new. And only three days later, the greatestContinue reading “Learning to Die, So He Can Remake Us”

Consoling the Sacred Heart Like Mary

“See Mother, I make all things new.” This is the heart-wrenching line the makers of The Passion film have Jesus utter after He meets His Mother. He is already so bloody, He’s hard to recognize. He’s fallen. The filmmakers show a crowd of chaos around Him as He struggles on the ground, dirt clinging toContinue reading “Consoling the Sacred Heart Like Mary”

Open, Present, and Awake

IG Recap: August 13th and August 6th Christ Chooses to Move Among Us An open tabernacle. An open tomb. Christ comes out to us. He doesn’t withdraw to Heaven. He doesn’t forsake us. He keeps leaving behind closed spaces to enter into our worlds, our hearts, our lives. But we have to roll away theContinue reading “Open, Present, and Awake”

Fighting Temptation While Healing, Together

IG recap: August 12th and August 3rd The Devil Will Try to Distract You Just popping into your feed with a reminder that the Devil can and will use every resource within his means to keep you from changing your behavior. If you are trying to grow in purity, the impure temptations around you willContinue reading “Fighting Temptation While Healing, Together”

Slowing Down and Trusting

IG recap: August 2nd and August 9th Understanding “Slowing Down” Slowing down. Only now, after years of being told this, then being forced to do it, all the while resisting at every turn, am I understanding what that means. I’ve been my own guinea pig for many years now, always trying new things and measuringContinue reading “Slowing Down and Trusting”

Returning to Writing and What’s Ahead

A very warm thank you to all of those who are still following along here on A Catholic’s Perspective, either by email or on social media. What I had hoped would be a week or two of paused stretched far beyond that. About the Catechism Read-Through I apologize to all of you for the abruptContinue reading “Returning to Writing and What’s Ahead”

Sacraments of Initiation

Welcome back after an unplanned hiatus! For this section of the Catechism, I split it up into individual videos about each sacrament. Once we finish the sacraments, we will return to a video a week for the assigned section. Below are the three videos about the Sacraments of Initiation: I thank you for your patienceContinue reading “Sacraments of Initiation”