Open, Present, and Awake

IG Recap: August 13th and August 6th

Christ Chooses to Move Among Us

An open tabernacle. An open tomb.

Christ comes out to us.

He doesn’t withdraw to Heaven. He doesn’t forsake us. He keeps leaving behind closed spaces to enter into our worlds, our hearts, our lives.

But we have to roll away the stones, anticipate him in the Eucharist, let Him into our lives, even if it means radically changing them to make room.

Christ doesn’t stay comfortable, because a man in love can’t rest until he is united with his lover. A mother cannot rest until she knows her children are safe. Mary Magdalene paces outside the tomb, restless without her Lord.

The doors are open and rocks are moved because He is in pursuit of us. It’s time to let Him in.

Even if His entry splits us and others apart, He is still the Prince of Peace. And through His pierced hands, all things can be made new.

Blessed be Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the good and wild Lion of God.

(Thank you, C.S. Lewis, for the perfect depiction of Christ in Aslan)

The Suffering Are Awake with Jesus

We the suffering are there with Jesus.

In the Garden, as His soul weighs the Cross itself, and the many little crosses that come with it:

the physical pain
the mental anguish of anticipation
the sting of betrayal
the injustice of lies
the sorrow of those who love Him
the end of the time of Him walking with His beloved in the same way

We the suffering are there with Him, awake in that Garden. While the disciples sleep, our own crosses keep us awake.

Our pain that wakes us throughout the night, our insomnia that comes just when we need rest, our discomfort that makes it hard to settle down, or perhaps the nightmares that haunt us, the worldly anxieties we have trouble casting aside, the worries for our children or spouses nearby.

When we suffer and cannot sleep, we are invited to be His consolation while the disciples rest.

We are given the unique opportunity to sit and be with Him while most of the world takes its rest.

We are already awake. And like Jesus in that moment, we desperately need time and communion with God, our Father, if we are to rise the next morning, tired and aching, and carry our crosses, bear the pains.

This is the great gift of those who suffer, whether for a day or for years: we can be even closer to Our Lord and redeeming the world with Him.

But only if we remember, in those waking hours, to console His Heart.

May He grant us the grace to do so. Amen. ❤️

For the next couple weeks, I will be reposting my recent reflections from Instagram here to catch up the blog. Then, every post on Instagram will be reshared here as a post one at a time so you can follow in either place and receive the same content.

Published by Abigail C. R. Gripshover

Abigail C. R. Gripshover is a Catholic writer and speaker, passionate about the power of God’s love. She has been a voice for the Church online for over 10 years, encouraging her fellow Catholics to embrace the teachings of the Faith in every area of life. In the summer of 2022, she started a new journey of radical healing through radical trust in God. She is feeling called to share her story of chronic illness and God’s healing grace. She holds a B.A. in English Lit from Christendom College and works from home as a freelance copywriter and digital strategist. She and her husband, Bobby, also offer product photography services and love working with Catholic companies. You can connect with Abigail on LinkedIn to learn more about these services and find her business email address.

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