Returning to Writing and What’s Ahead

A very warm thank you to all of those who are still following along here on A Catholic’s Perspective, either by email or on social media. What I had hoped would be a week or two of paused stretched far beyond that.

About the Catechism Read-Through

I apologize to all of you for the abrupt end of our Catechism Read-through, but luckily the amazing Fr. Mike Schmitz and the grace-filled team at Ascension Presents will be reading through the Catechism in a Year in 2023! I am very happy to have such learned and inspired people to point you towards to finish what we started, quite humbly, here. Brush off your Catechisms and learn more about Ascension’s plans for their read-through here.

Writing on Instagram and How to Read it Here

I have been posting on and off on Instagram over the last few months, only recently returning more regularly. I am going to start reposting my writings here as I post them on Instagram, so those who want to read and follow them off the app can.

To catch everyone up here, I will be adding a post to the end of each recent post so that all the content is here, but you are not receiving an email multiple times a day while I catch up the blog.

So, for about two weeks each post here will be paired with a related, older IG post so you can have all the content in one place and be caught up as I share my story and the things God puts on my heart going forward over the next few months.

New Project: Poetry and Praise

Finally, I have a new weekly project that I am beginning! It is called “Poetry and Praise” and will include a weekly reflection on a poem from either the Metaphysical or Romantic eras. The poems chosen will have spiritual and intellectual benefit and my brief commentary will focus on helping you appreciate the beauty and depth of each piece. I will also include a little background info about the poet and the poem as is relevant.

You can follow along simply by being subscribed here. I’ll also post about it on Instagram and YouTube, where the reflection videos will be. On weeks where I cannot post a full video, I will simply recite the poem on video and add the larger commentary/context to the blog post. I will reshare videos here as posts, so this will still be the central location to find content.

Poetry and Praise reflections from a Catholic perspective

Since each weekly installment will be complete, you will not be in danger of being dropped halfway through another journey if my health or life suddenly demands I pause. And, you can skip the weeks that don’t interest you while fully enjoying the weeks that do!

The rest of my posts will continue to revolve around the themes of redemptive suffering, God’s greatness and love, and how to carry the cross of suffering as a Catholic. The goal is not to lecture, but to share as I learn and be a source of consolation and encouragement for other souls carrying similar crosses.

May God bless everyone who reads and visits here. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

To God be the Glory.

Published by Abigail C. R. Gripshover

Abigail C. R. Gripshover is a Catholic writer and speaker, passionate about the power of God’s love. She has been a voice for the Church online for over 10 years, encouraging her fellow Catholics to embrace the teachings of the Faith in every area of life. In the summer of 2022, she started a new journey of radical healing through radical trust in God. She is feeling called to share her story of chronic illness and God’s healing grace. She holds a B.A. in English Lit from Christendom College and works from home as a freelance copywriter and digital strategist. She and her husband, Bobby, also offer product photography services and love working with Catholic companies. You can connect with Abigail on LinkedIn to learn more about these services and find her business email address.

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