Liturgy and Sacraments: Beginning Catechism Part II

Blog followers, I am so sorry for the delay in sharing last week’s videos here on the blog! Family and life responsibilities needed my full attention, so I only had time to record and upload the videos to YouTube.

This week/weekend I hope to get back on track here and on Instagram. We are, however, still on track for the reading schedule! If you still have not downloaded your free Catechism reading guide, you can do so by joining by blog email list here:

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Last week we began Part II of the Catechism, which is The Celebration of Christian Mystery! In this video, we define the “economy of salvation” then explore the sacramental economy. We look at the essential teachings about the Christian liturgy, the sacraments, and how they are made present in the Church.

We will continue this conversation this week. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to keep learning about the Catholic Faith!

To God be the Glory!

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