The Resurrection of the Dead and Life Everlasting: The End of Part I

Welcome back to the More Than Ordinary Catechism Read-through, friends!

Today we finish Part I: The Profession of Faith! We have read almost 300 pages in our big green edition. In these final articles, we discussed the Resurrection of the Dead and Life Everlasting.

This includes:

-Why our bodies will join our souls at the end of time

-How we are united to Christ through our own death and resurrection

-Why we have to use our time here on Earth wisely

-Explanations of the Particular Judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, and the Last Judgment

-Why the Last Judgment will make us all George Bailey

-What a New Heaven and New Earth means

-How our lives are an “Amen”

As always, I will be adding supplemental videos to the additional playlist on my YouTube channel.

I hope God has blessed your studying of the Catholic faith these last few weeks. Please know that I am praying for you!

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