Man as Body and Soul, THE Original Sin, and the Promise of Jesus

Scroll down for an outline of the topics covered in this video. The Supplemental Resource Guide for this week is coming this weekend, so be sure to sign up for blog notifications to be reminded when it is available for download!

Topics Covered in this Video:

0:44: Where to Download the FREE Catechism Reading Guide to follow along, plus other places to follow A Catholic’s Perspective

2:23: Man is made in the image and likeness of God and given dominion over Creation: what this means for his dignity and responsibility to the environment

4:28: The Unity and Equality of all Humanity

5:26: Misrepresentation within the Church and why studying the Catholic Faith is important

7:57: Man is a Body-Soul Unity: details about what this means and how parents co-create

9:28: Why our bodily, physical life is a blessing and not something to despise 10:30: How the heart is distinguished from the soul

11:04: The equality of men and women

12:40: Death and the Devil/Angels choice to reject God

14:15: What the first, Original Sin actually was: Man’s abuse of freedom and selfish choice/ its domino effect

17:14: Original Sin is transmitted to the rest of humanity

17:58: Humanity is weakened but not totally corrupted

18:25: We gained even greater graces, through Christ, than those we lost in the Fall

20:24: God continues to hold the world in existence and frees us from the bondage of sin through Love

20:40: It’s War!

21:19: Go back to the Catechism for more information about all of these topics!

22:23: Four Titles of Jesus in the Creeds

24:40: God is a Mystery (Closing Thoughts)

25:27: Closing Prayer

This week’s Catechism section: Part I, Section II, Ch. 1, Article 1, Paragraphs 6-7; Section II, Ch. 2, Article 2

Click here for ways to follow the Catechism Read-through!

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