Why Catholics Need to Return to the Catechism

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church may not seem like a priority in these crazy times.  Keeping up with breaking news and its impact on our family lives is a full-time job!  Besides, the long season of Ordinary Time feels like a spiritual vacation.  It is scattered with solemnities, but not as intense as the seasons on either side of it.  And with digital ways to learn about the Faith, a thick book can seem archaic and outdated.

I used to think this way.  I assumed the Catechism was full of complicated language and philosophical arguments.  Like an encyclopedia, I considered it an index and not spiritual reading.

That is until I opened it.  Once I did, I was stunned.  Come to find out, the Catechism is not a dusty volume of difficult text.  The Catechism is a rich exposition of the Catholic Church’s teachings and a story about God’s love for us!”

The above is an excerpt from my recent post on Catholic Stand, a collaborative site offering Catholic opinions on recent events and aspects of the Faith.

Read the full post on Catholic Stand here.

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