Exclusive Access to More Resources Available Today!

Resources for Explaining God’s Existence, Reading Scripture, and Knowing Your Worth

Above is the supplemental resource guide for Part One, Section 1, Ch. 1-2!  This week’s guide includes:

  • An online central for Catholic and atheist discussions
  • Articles breaking down the senses of Scripture
  • Podcast recs about the Bible and God’s desire for us
  • An underrated documentary about creation by intelligent design
  • A bonus: poem!

Are there any resources you would have added to the list?  Let me know, and I’ll compile your suggestions into a big document at the end of our Read-through!

DON’T FORGET: These supplemental guides will become exclusive to patrons after this month, so if you enjoy it be sure to join my Patreon community!  You can cancel at any time.

God bless you all!

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