The Details: How the Catechism Read-through Works

Above is a quick video explaining how the Catechism Read-through will work and the various ways to participate! Unfortunately, my little girl was playing instead of sleeping in her crib and her noises were much louder than I realized. So, if you would rather read the details than listen to her happy yelling, here they are:

Ways to follow the Catechism Read-through:

  1. Join the email list and download the FREE reading guide!
  2. Patreon…. You can follow for free or become a patron to access the 2nd and 3rd level content!
  3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, A Catholic’s Perspective

You can also follow along on Instagram!

Participation Levels:

  • Level 1: Discover- this is the free option that includes weekly 10 minute or less videos reviewing the “In Brief” sections for each week.
  • Level 2: Learn- this option includes the 15 minute weekly videos reviewing the full content from each week, plus supplemental resource guide for each week’s topics.
  • Level 3: Engage- this option allows you to participate in Live videos once a month (or more!) while connecting with other Catholics digging deeper in their Faith.

Thank you for joining me and for your patience with this first video as I work through the production kinks. I look forward to diving in later this week!

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